Cynthia went above and beyond on the day of closing to determine the holdup of the funding and to contact the listing agent to get keys for us. It appeared the listing agent was out of pocket for most of the day but, Cynthia persisted on until she was able to get her to come to the title company.

Linda Harpold 154 Roundabout Ln Kerrville Tx

Cynthia from the start was God sent to us . She looked out for the best interest of our family . Highly recommend to anyone I know looking for land. Very patient , knowledgeable and compassionate throughout the process.

Wonderful experience !!

Always a phone call away to discuss anything throughout the sale process.

Jeff and Letty Barnes Kramer rd.

Cynthia Thomas is not just our agent she is now our friend. Cynthia was always available, professional and always had our best interest at heart.

Raymond and Sylvia Jurica Caldwell, Texas

Cynthia served as the sellers agent in very complex land transaction. She successfully navigated county rules and regulations, provided accurate information and contacts to ensure our transaction was completed as quickly as possible. She spoke with us and our attorney on multiple conference calls. She met with us on numerous occasions and there was never a question she couldn’t answer. She is the most professional real estate agent I have encountered. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a local expert with many connections within the community.

Sam Prough Montgomery, TX

Cynthia Thomas was easy to work with at all times. We could have not made the sale or had the contacts her office did without her. We also sold the property for a higher price than we had thought we could on our own. Life is much easier and pleasant when you hire a good, knowledgeable, caring Realtor!

Dorothy and Will Schmidt, Kerrville, TX

The only real estate purchasing experience my wife and I had was with homes in the city. Candidly we were a little fearful of buying undeveloped land in the country. Cynthia was so knowledgeable of the area and so clearly outlined for us all we needed to do that those fears washed away.

Cynthia is not only professional but she has great listening skills and truly tries her best to identify property that meets her customer’s requirements. In addition, her demeanor is warm and inviting which makes the entire buying process pleasurable.

We look forward to working with her in the future as she is not just our realtor but we can now add the word “friend” to the list.

Tye Turman, San Antonio, TX

Cynthia is a very friendly and knowledgeable real estate agent. She took the time to listen to our needs/desires pertaining to what we were looking for, even though we told her up front that we were not looking to purchase for at least one year. We live half way across the country and had limited time to see properties. She did everything she could to ensure we were able to view everything we wanted to.

Cynthia is very knowledgeable about Kerrville and ranch operations. As we drove around looking at different properties, she would point out things that she felt we should know, or just different areas with information about it. She would discuss areas to visit, eat, or just talk about the history Kerrville.

When it came time to actually make an offer, she was very understanding and helpful. There are a lot of differences in real estate dealings in Texas and the state we currently live in. While she was not able to compare the two, she did inform us on how Texas real estate works. When it came time to have inspections made, she was sure to be present to represent us, and inform us of the “unofficial” results and the best way to resolve them. She made sure to keep us informed as to the progress of the escrow proceedings, and any upcoming time lines we had to adhere to.

Having not purchased property in the last 28 years, and never out of the state we have lived in all our lives, Cynthia made the process as easy as possible and was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Brian Rubino, CA

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As an associate broker with Texas Ranch Sales LLC, Cynthia Thomas was one of the Top 10 agents in 2020.

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